Whether you are a member of the Board looking to design the optimal compensation package for top management, a CEO pondering what investment will create more value for your stakeholders, or an investor looking to optimize your portfolio with the help of the latest risk management techniques, our team can deliver unbiased, insightful and timely advise.


The extensive experience of our faculty in both the generation and transmission of knowledge allows us to design courses and teach-in sessions that cover the training needs of our clients effectively, by presenting trainees with the state-of-the-art in the required field in a practical and engaging manner that fosters the internalization of the skills acquired and in turn allows knowledge to be turned into action.

The tailor-made training services we provide cover the entirety of the financial spectrum from risk management, to corporate valuation, the effect of banking regulations or advising on corporate governance.

Free Databases


Through our department website and thanks to the research efforts of our faculty, we provide free access to a wide range of financial databases.