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Our faculty is conducting pioneering research in the areas of corporate finance (including the role of information and incentives in corporate financing and methods for evaluating corporate investments), the design and implementation of financial asset pricing models (including pricing of derivative securities and risk management) and economics of organizations.


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Our Expertise

The Finance Team can provide design and implementation services for a wide array of corporate valuation techniques, both traditional expected value approaches as well as those that take into account the optionality inherent in investment decisions (real options, state-contingent prices, etc.).  

We provide development and implementation services of new portfolio management methods. In accordance with client preferences, the objective function can incorporate absolute returns, or non-traditional risk measures. The optimization programs used are flexible enough to also take into account the portfolio managers views. 

Amongst others methods, we use bootstrapping techniques and Monte Carlo simulation to produce robust maximization methods and choose portfolios that minimize estimation error. In order to reproduce utility functions tailored to client’s preferences, or non-standard risk measures, we can implement several next generation optimization procedures based on computationally intensive techniques, such as Genetic Algorithms or Simulated Annealing.  

Our faculty conducts cutting-edge research on the economic consequences of different corporate governance regimes. As one of the few European schools focusing on the interaction of law and finance, we can provide unique insights into the choice of corporate governance that maximizes value for all of a company's stakeholders.

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