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Posted on 30, May 2014

in Category CAR3FIN Blog

  • José M. Marín and Benjamin Golez (2014). “Price support by bank-affiliated mutual funds”. Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Jordi Surroca, Josep A. Tribó and Shaker Zahra (2013). “Stakeholder Pressure on MNEs and the Transfer of Socially Irresponsible Practices to Subsidiaries”. Academy of Management Journal, 56(2), 549-572.
  • Paola Sapienza,Anna Toldra‐Simats and Luigi Zingales (2013). “Understanding trust”. The Economic Journal, 123(573), 1313-1332.
  • David Martínez-Miera and Rafael Repullo (2010). “Does Competition Reduce the Risk of Bank Failure?”. Review of Financial Studies, 23(10), 3638-3664.
  • Juan-José Ganuza and José Penalva (2010). “Signal Orderings based on Dispersion and the Supply of Private Information in Auctions”. Econometrica, 78(3), 1007-1030.
  • Jordi Surroca, Josep A. Tribó and Sandra Waddock (2010). “Corporate Responsibility and Financial Performance: The Role of Intangible Resources”. Strategic Management Journal, 31(5), 463-490.
  • Javier Gil and Pablo Ruiz-Verdú (2009). “The Relation between Price and Performance in the Mutual Fund Industry”. Journal of Finance, 64(5), 2153-2183.


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